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Shining the light on Session Skills: Open the new books and listen to the music

Hey Rock & Pop musicians, hope you’re all enjoying your music. I know that many of you are taking Rock & Pop exams right now or in the next month.

A couple weeks ago I was in Sri Lanka holding a Rock & Pop workshop. We all met at a great local venue and we played, sang and worked on understanding the Rock & Pop exams to their fullest. I must tell you I heard some great singing and playing… Sri Lanka has got it happening for sure.

If you don’t know, all the Session Skills support books are available now and they are full of great info and tips. They are divided into Initial–Grade 2, Grades 3–5, and Grades 6–8. Each instrument has its own set of books and CDs. In the Rock & Pop graded books there are two examples for playback and two for improvising, well in these new Session Skills books there are twenty, yes twenty, examples for each grade: ten examples for Playback and ten examples for Improvising. This will give you and your teacher a wide range of practice material and top tips to help develop your listening and reading skills.

Further supporting your journey to be a musician, the ten Improvising examples for each grade will help you build your style bank so you can play and perform the styles required in each grade. The parameters are outlined for the grades, giving you and your teacher more insight into how to communicate and perform your music.

Check out these new Session Skills books at your nearest music shop or on our online store. They will absolutely boost your Rock & Pop music education.

I was also in Qatar recently for an awards ceremony and I had the good fortune to meet up with Stephen Devassy, a player from India. For all you keyboard players, you should check this guy out. If you know him from his rock/fusion and film music in India then you know the deal. If not, Google him. Great rock stars come from all over the world and all backgrounds. He also took Trinity exams back in the day.

So Rock & Pop drummers, guitarists, vocalists, bassists and keyboard players, you have the tools to keep rocking the music with our new Session Skills books. So keep on learning, communicating and performing your music. Don’t forget to check out our Rock & Pop Improvising in the style blog posts which we post monthly.


Tyler, Rock & Pop Czar

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